About BioData.pt

BioData.pt is the Portuguese distributed e-infrastructure for biological data and the Portuguese ELIXIR node.

BioData.pt supports the national scientific system through best practices in data management and state of the art data analysis.

It interfaces with both academia and industry, making research available for innovation, namely in sectors such as agro-food and forestry, sea, and health.

BioData.pt services include ELIXIR services such as our training programme and computing facilities, as well as consulting services in data analysis and management, and a number of community services.



Latest News & Events

BioData.pt Talks

  • Posted on: 23 September 2020
  • By: Rafael Santos

In the age of data-intensive research, enabling researchers to manage the volume and complexity of the data they generate is paramount. This is the main goal of ELIXIR, the distributed research infrastructure for life-science information, and its Portuguese node, #BioDataPT.

This Fall, #BioDataPT is launching the BioData.pt Talks series, to share its expertise in #Bioinformatics and #DataManagement with the scientific community. BioData.pt Talks will bring #BioDataPT collaborators and guest experts together with other scientists and curious citizens through a series of monthly webinars.

Assessing the Impact of Research Activities

Course Description


Assessing the Impact of Research Activities is a one-day workshop aiming to help researchers assessing the impact of their research activities. It is organised by BioData.pt, the Portuguese node of ELIXIR.

The workshop features two introductory lectures on scientific and socio-economic impact, followed by a hands-on impact assessment exercise where participants will form groups to fill in a virtual Canvas for a mock project, and the showcase of an assessed activity.


Importants dates: 
Course ONLINE sessions: October 6th-9th, 14:00-17:30 CET
Deadline for applications: September 28th
Decisions communicated intil: October 2nd 

Our Train-the-Trainer courses are for any scientists:
- with little or no experience in training
- who want to become an instructor or a better one
- who believe that their professional development will encompass delivering training proficiently

Instructors: Allegra Via, ELIXIR-IT, Patricia Palagi, ELIXIR-CH and Pedro Fernandes, ELIXIR-PT