ELIXIR was awarded €19 million from the EU to accelerate the implementation of Europe’s life-science data infrastructure for a period of four years starting on September 2015.

The ELIXIR-EXCELERATE Project will facilitate the integration of Europe’s bioinformatics resources, supporting all sectors of life-science R&D, and delivering excellence to ELIXIR’s users by fast-tracking the development and deployment of essential data services.

EXCLERATE funding will help ELIXIR coordinate and extend national and international data resources to ensure the delivery of world-leading life-science data services. It will support a pan-European training programme, anchored in national infrastructures, to increase bioinformatics capacity and competency. It will also provide efficiencies in management and operation throughout the infrastructure, which is distributed amongst 17 countries.

Portuguese Participation

The Portuguese participation in the ELIXIR-EXCELERATE project includes the ELIXIR Portugal partners iBET, IGC, and INESC-ID, plus CCMar, a non-profit organization dedicated to R&D and training in Marine Sciences, with expertise in molecular biology, genetics, endocrinology, biophysics, organic chemistry and ecology of marine organisms.

The researchers involved in the project from each institution are the following:

  • iBET: Célia Miguel (WP7 co-lead), Inês Chaves, Bruno Costa
  • IGC: Pedro Fernandes, Daniel Sobral, Daniel Faria
  • INESC-ID: Arlindo Oliveira, Mário J. Silva, Ana Teresa Freitas, José Borbinha, João Cardoso
  • CCMar: Adelino Canário, Cymon Cox, Gianluca De Moro

We are involved in the following Work Packages:

  • WP4: Compute, Data access and exchange services - INESC-ID
  • WP5: The ELIXIR Interoperability Backbone - INESC-ID
  • WP6: Use Case A: Marine Metagenomics - IGC, CCMar
  • WP7: Use Case B: Plants - iBET, IGC
  • WP10: ELIXIR Node Capacity Building and Communities of Practice - IGC
  • WP11: Accelerating the ELIXIR Training Programme - IGC