PHYLOViZ allows phylogenetic inference and data visualization for large datasets of sequence based typing methods, including Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) and whole genome/core genome Multilocus Sequence Typing (wg/cgMLST) analysis.

PHYLOViZ is available as both a standalone tool and also as Web application/service.

PHYLOViZ is freely available at, licensed under GPLv3.

ELIXIR PT Computing Services


The computing infrastructure is provided by Portuguese academic institutions, with complementary services hosted at the Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

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    Plant Data Hackathon

    Motivation and Scope
    During the Barcelona all hands meeting we have committed to prepare a procedure and example on how to use Google Spreadsheets to record and standardise data in WP7.
    Our idea is to guide the ateendees in the procedure that we have devised, and enable them to work on their data using a tool (OntoMaton) to facilitate searching for terms in Bioportal Ontologies.


    Database of regulatory associations between transcription factors and genes in S. cerevisiae.

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