Latest News and Events

  • 2nd GenomePT Symposium 2021

    symposium On the 7th of June, a diverse panel of speakers got together to talk about genomics and bioinformatics. Among them it is noteworthy to mention Mário Gaspar da Silva, our Vice-President and Head of Node. He talked about’s mission and story and how this non-for-profit private association has been providing solutions in data management and state of the art data analysis.
  • GROMACS Workshop: a collaboration between BioExcel and national eurohpc competence center - Portugal

    gromacs Molecular Dynamic (MD) simulations are fundamental to understand the mechanism of biological systems. This workshop aims to provide an introduction on the use and on the features of a well-established and highly used package in the field GROMACS. The workshop covers an introduction to MD simulation, to accelerated weight histogram methods and to GraphicsGraphical Processing Units (GPU) performance. At the end the participants will be familiar with the features of GROMACS code, and they will be able to set up and perform molecular simulation on the covered topic.  

    article ELIXIR, the European Research Infrastructure for biological data, has been demonstrating its public value to  funders and international stakeholders. However, it became imperative to collect and communicate evidence of such value in a more systematic and detailed way. This urge converged on the publication of the article “Demonstrating the public value to funders and other stakeholders- the journey of ELIXIR, a virtual and distributed research infrastructure for life science data” in the Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics Journal.

    KTAI This week was dedicated to the agritech industry in a workshop that reunited an international and very enthusiastic panel of speakers. We want to thank all participants and the panel of speakers and chairs for these very informative days!
  • ELIXIR All Hands 2021

    all hands | ELIXIR PT would like to thank ELIXIR and ELIXIR-CZ for a great 2021 ELIXIR All Hands Meeting. It was a pleasure and an honor to be able to actively participate. Looking forward to the next ELIXIR All Hands Meeting being held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2022!