t The Train-the-Trainer programme aims to create a network of trainers that allows them to come together to learn,exchange, and discuss best practices and experiences. Association All Hands!

c It is a great pleasure to share with our users and friends that from September 29th to October 1st took place the first Association All Hands. Casa de Exercícios de Santo Inácio, in Praia Grande, was the scenario chosen for days full of reunions, presentations from associates and formal and informal collective discussions. Many topics lead to moments of very fruitful discussions. 

To Doctor Noémia Afonso...

na It is with deep regret and consternation that we took notice of the death of Doctor Noémia Afonso. Noémia Afonso was a distinguished member of the ELIXIR Portugal ( Science Advisory Board and in this capacity she was contributing with her experience and guidance to the excellence of this Research Infrastructure.

Ready for BioData Management? | DMP Double Course - 2nd edition

rd This week, held the second edition of “Ready for BioData Management? | DMP Double Course”. Very accurate and fruitful discussions came out of these days and, for that, we want to thank all attendees for the interest shown!

12ª Conferência Luso-Brasileira de Ciência Aberta

confe Open science is the argument for this year’s conference and we could not be delighted to say that was there! Ana Portugal Melo, our Executive Director, was the moderator of yesterday’s "Pecha Kucha I".

European Genome-Phenome Archive

ega The European Genome-Phenome Archive (EGA) is a data repository that promotes the distribution and sharing of personally identifiable genetic and phenotypic data resulting from biomedical research projects.

Ready for BioData Management?


R4BD Scientific data production is increasing at an exponential rate, and with this has become fundamental to acquire adequate data management practices and compliance with FAIR data principles., the Portuguese Infrastructure for Biological Data, and the Portuguese Node of ELIXIR identified that need and, in 2019, launched Ready for BioData Management? 


rdm1 One of the main outputs of the ELIXIR-CONVERGE project - the RDMKit - was released this year. This new tool for research data management is the result of a joint effort made by 8 ELIXIR Nodes. To find out more about this open community project read the article we just released on our website.