Scientific data production is increasing at an exponential rate, and with this has become fundamental to acquire adequate data management practices and compliance with FAIR data principles., the Portuguese Infrastructure for Biological Data, and the Portuguese Node of ELIXIR identified that need and, in 2019, launched Ready for BioData Management?  - a capacity building and training programme in data management for the life sciences aims to increase awareness and expertise in data management best practices and data management plans among Portuguese researchers, mainly from the life sciences.

Only two years after the start of the programme, we already have plenty to mention about this remarkable project. Ready for BioData Management? has hosted 14 events (face-to-face and virtual) in 11 different institutions. The feedback from all 297 participants was incredible, with most of them highlighted the course’s quality and materials. Last year, it was promoted to ELIXIR Node Service and distinguished with an INCoDe 2030 seal. It was also recognised by Research Data Alliance Portugal and by the FCT (Portuguese national funding agency for science, research and technology) in the “Relatório Técnico sobre Ferramentas para a Elaboração de Planos de Gestão de Dados”.

So, if you are having trouble managing the biological data of your institution, laboratory, project or thesis check out the courses that the “Ready for BioData Management?” programme is offering:

The programme also includes lectures geared towards Master and PhD courses.


On October 12th and 13th, Ready for BioData Management? is hosting a back-to-back online edition of the "Introduction to Data Management Plans" and "Advanced Data Management Plans" courses. Now that you know more about the history and outputs of this training programme, do not miss the opportunity to apply for the event!