Organisation: Associação BIP4DAB (the legal entity of

Research Field: Biological sciences and similar

Researcher Profile: Master's degree owner

Country: Portugal

Application Deadline: 30/09/2023

Type of Contract: Fixed term for 12 months. Renovation is possible if agreed by both parties.

Job Status: Full-time

Hours Per Week: 36

Offer Starting Date: to be agreed upon.

Work Location: The BIP4DAB association has several associates in different parts of the country, namely in Lisboa - INESC-ID or Braga - UMinho. The work location will be defined together with the approved candidate at one of these locations; it is also possible to discuss other options at other Associates’ HeadQuarters.

Report: BIP4DAB executive director




Public notice for one fixed-term work contract for Project, Events, and Community Manager at Research Infrastructure. is the Portuguese Infrastructure of Biological Data, with the mission of providing the research community in Portugal with resources and expertise in data management, bioinformatics, and computing. To accomplish its mission, participates in several national and international projects, organises training and dissemination events, and nourishes domain-specific communities and technical platforms. The candidate selected for this position will be mainly responsible for the logistics of events and management support to the communities’ and platforms’ coordinators to maximise their impact.  


1. Daily activities

  • Support Communities and Platforms management.
  • Prepare technical and financial budgets and progress reports for Communities and Platforms activities, ensuring timely execution of all deliverables.
  • Collect and report Communities and Platforms project performance and impact indicators.
  • Prepare agendas, participate and deliver minutes of Communities and Platforms meetings and activities
  • Manage distribution and communication lists/ channels related to projects.
  • Identify and develop content for disseminating the results of the projects, interacting within Communities and Platforms.
  • Participate in regular teleconferences of the ELIXIR infrastructure.
  • Plan, organize, publicize and execute all logistics tasks of training, events and workshops promoted by the BIP4DAB Association.
  • Support BIP4DAB association in other activities .



1 year. Renewal is possible if a suitable performance is delivered.



“Código do Trabalho” (Labor Code), approved by Law No. 7/2009, of February 12, in its current wording.



The Employee is entitled, prior to any deductions or withholdings, to a monthly payment of 1605,58 € (One thousand, six hundred and five euros and fifty-eight cents), working on an exclusive dedication basis, and a meal allowance per workday of 9.60€ (nine euros and sixty cents in card).

The monthly pay, meal allowance, vacation, and Christmas shall be paid by bank transfer.



The contract activity will be supervised by the Executive Director of BIP4DAB Association.


6. ELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS - Required education level and research experience

The candidates should have a MSc degree in Biological or Biomedical sciences/ engineering, Medical or health sciences, BioInformatics, or related areas, with a strong motivation in Events and Community Management. Candidates from other scientific areas with relevant experience may also be considered.

Required language skills: proficiency in English (minimum C1 written and spoken).

Availability to travel in the country and abroad.



The selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • 80%      academic profile and proven experience record
  • 20%      motivation letter

An interview will be conducted with shortlisted candidates. The punctuation proposed by each member of the jury is obtained by assigning a weighting factor of 70% to the first phase of the application, and a weighting factor of 30% to the interview.

The jury may also decide not to assign the position if none of the candidates meets the required conditions.


Candidates with an average score below 70%, are not recommended for hiring.


The Jury is composed of:


President: Miguel Rocha

Member: Cátia Pesquita

Member: Irina Moreira

Substitute Member: José Luís Oliveira



Each member of the jury assigns a classification to each of the candidates on a scale of 0 to 100 points, ranking the candidates according to their classification consisting of the sum of the partial classifications assigned in each evaluation criterion, and considering the weighting factor given to each parameter. In this process, abstentions are not allowed.

Candidates shall be ordered by applying the successive voting method.

The jury has the faculty not to select a candidate if the abovementioned requirements are not fulfilled.

Minutes of the jury meeting are drawn up, which contain a summary of what has taken place in the meeting. 

The final deliberation of the jury is approved by the President of BIP4DAB, and it is his responsibility to establish the respective contract.



Applications are made by sending an email to, with a subject named Community and Events Manager Application, with the documents stated below compiled in a single PDF file:

  1. detailed Curriculum Vitae
  2. motivation letter
  3. a single copy of the official academic degree certificate is required at the education level
  4. a detailed list of grades
  5. name of two personal references

For candidates with degrees granted by foreign higher education institutions, it is mandatory to have a degree or diploma recognition.


This call is open until September 30th, 2023.


Start Date: To be discussed with the selected candidate

Start Date
End Date