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This Fall, is launching the Talks series, to share its expertise in Bioinformatics and Data Management with the scientific community. Talks will bring collaborators and guest experts together with other scientists and curious citizens through a series of monthly webinars.



Ready For BioData Management? – Introduction to Data Management Plans (Online) @ IPB

The third edition of the course was held on July 20th for the Instituto Politécnico de Bragança (IPB), to an audience of 24 participants (2 of which only attended the theoretical lectures), which were mostly post-doctoral researchers and PhD students. It is important to highlight the presence of 9 foreign participants, mainly from African universities, which supports the diversity and value of and its capacity-building activities.

Ready For BioData Management? - Introduction to Data Management Plans (Online)

Ready For BioData Management? – Introduction to Data Management Plans is an introductory one-day course aiming at disseminating Data Management best practices and teaching the basics of making and using Data Management Plans (DMPs) in the context of research activities. It is organized by and sponsored by the Portuguese node of the Research Data Alliance.

ELIXIR 2019 Annual Report

ELIXIR has recently published its Annual Report for 2019. The report focuses on the collective endeavour of more than 700 experts from 22 ELIXIR nodes towards the Strategic Objectives defined in the 2019–2023 Scientific Programme.


6º Fórum de Gestão de Dados de Investigação

José Pereira Leal and Ana Portugal Melo, President and Executive Director of | ELIXIR PT, respectively, have participated in the "6º Fórum de Gestão de Dados de Investigação", dedicated to reinforce the alignment of the national science and technology infraestructure roadmap with international initiatives, showing the perspective of | ELIXIR PT regarding practices, policies and services for data management and FAIR data.