The CorkOakDB ( emerges as a joint effort to create a global repository of genomic data for cork oak. This species has a significant relevance in the Mediterranean at both economic and ecological level due to the sustainable production of cork.

In 2018, Ramos et al. published the first reference genome for this species, while a set of 14 publicly available gene expression datasets were already available on NCBI. All this data was curated and integrated and constitutes the foundation of this portal, which was enriched with several search and analysis tools useful for researchers and the lay community.

At the moment, CorkOakDB has curated data from NCBI BioProjects, gathering different cork oak tissues and experimental assays. In addition to the data, the portal also includes a search engine, a BLAST search, a Genome Browser (JBrowse), tools for visualization of gene expression and a few direct downloads. We hope that the portal will continue to grow as more research is conducted on this species.

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