1st Microbiome PT Summit


BioData.pt | ELIXIR-PT is setting a national microbiome community to align with ELIXIR's mission.

About this Event

Microbiome research has grown substantially and produced massive data over the past decade in terms of the range of biomes sampled, facing challenges in terms of data findability, accessibility, interoperability and reuse. 

ELIXIR, the European Infrastructure for Biological Data, is addressing these topics via domain-specific communities, namely via its Microbiome Community

BioData.pt, as the Portuguese Node of ELIXIR, is assembling its National Community to engage Portuguese researchers on this topic in this European effort. 

The Portuguese Microbiome Community, led by Isabel Gordo, from Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, is organizing its first National Summit to raise awareness and gather scientists addressing microbiome research in Portugal.

If you are one of these, join us in the Summit and in this new community.

Important Dates

Abstract submission (posters): 5th January 

Registration (free but mandatory, limited places): 28th January



Preliminary Programme

Opening Session + Keynote 

Rob Finn (EMBL-EBI) - Head of ELIXIR Microbiome Community and EMBL-EBI’s Microbiome Informatics team - Can microbiome analysis be FAIR?

- Microbiomes of Humans and other Mammals

Constança Pomba (CIISA - FMV) - Microbiome in Veterinary Healthcare
Karina Xavier (IGC) - Discovery of Keystone Microbiota Member Providing Colonization Resistance to Pathogens in the Mammalian Gut
Susana Solá (iMed.ULisboa - FFUL) - Impact of Gut Microbiome on Adult Neurogenesis

- Microbiome Communities in the Sea and other Aquatic Environments 

Catarina Magalhães (CIIMAR) - Monitoring Arctic Ocean Microbiome to Link Taxonomy with Functional Capacity in a Rapidly Changing Environment
Francisco Coelho (CESAM - UA) - From Marine Ecology to Biotechnological Entrepreneurship
Rodrigo Costa (Técnico ULisboa) - The Microbiome of Marine Sponges: Diversity, Function, and Biotechnology

- Microbiomes of Plants

Ana Ribeiro (ISA) - Mining the Microbiome of African Legume Trees from the Miombo and Mopane Ecossystems
Juan Ignacio Vilchez (ITQB-NOVA) - A call for Interactions: Beneficial Plant-Bacteria Relationships from Root to Apex (and more?)
Maria Margarida Oliveira (ITQB-NOVA) - The plant Microbiome for Biofortification - Maize as Case Study

- Microbiomes of Invertebrates 

Luís Teixeira (IGC) - Functional genomics of the antiviral endosymbiont Wolbachia
Waldan Kwong (University of British Columbia, soon IGC) - Bees & Corals: Microbial Insights from Non-model Systems

Closing Session + Keynote

Nandita Garud (UCLA) - Head of the UCLA Evolutionary Genomics in Natural Populations laboratory - Evolution in the Human Gut Microbiome



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