5th Anniversary of ELIXIR Portugal


About this Event

ELIXIR Portugal is completing 5 years of excellence in supporting research, training and innovation in the national scientific system through management and advanced analysis of biological data. To celebrate this occurring, ELIXIR Portugal has decided to organize a dedicated day at the Bioinformatics Open Days 2021 (Braga, Portugal) to showcase what has been done in the past few years but also to foster an active discussion regarding the increasingly emerging fields of bioinformatics and data management.

Preliminary Programme


11h30 - Opening by Mário Gaspar da Silva


11h45 - Panel I: Bioinformatics and Biological Data Management (Chaired by Mário Gaspar da Silva)

Insights from the State-of-the-art and a Look to the Future by Niklas Blomberg

Tracked Roads and Roads to Track by Arlindo Oliveira


14h30 - Panel II: Training in Bioinformatics and Biological Data Management (Chaired by Cátia Pesquita)

Teaching Bioinformatics and Biological Data Management in Portugal - a vision from 2026 by Miguel Rocha

Training in Bioinformatics and Biological Data Management worldwide - a vision from 2026 by Celia van Gelder


15h45 - Round table: The ELIXIR-PT Data Framework and Domain-specific Data Challenges (Chaired by Ana Teresa Freitas)

Health Data by Carla Oliveira

Marine Resources by Cymon Cox

Industrial Microbiology by Isabel Rocha

New Drugs by Irina Moreira

Plant Sciences by Célia Miguel


17h00 - Closing Remarks by José Pereira Leal



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Meetings and conferences

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