Latest News and Events

  • To Doctor Noémia Afonso...

    na It is with deep regret and consternation that we took notice of the death of Doctor Noémia Afonso. Noémia Afonso was a distinguished member of the ELIXIR Portugal ( Science Advisory Board and in this capacity she was contributing with her experience and guidance to the excellence of this Research Infrastructure.
  • Computational Structural Biology Tools

    uc University of Coimbra have put together a robust and thorough pipeline of in silico protein-ligand characterization methods to address one of the biggest biological problems currently plaguing our world. These methodologies were showcased to characterize the interaction of SARS-CoV-2 Mpro with an α-ketoamide inhibitor.
  • AM21 - Applied Metagenomics

    gt This course will give a comprehensive introduction to the research field of metagenomics. It will cover the basic concepts of microbiome analysis of shotgun metagenomic data using state of the art bioinformatics.
  • PO21 - Precision Oncology

    KTAI The aim of the course is to present a complete computational pipeline for the analysis and interpretation of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data such as exome sequencing or targeted panels that are commonly used in the clinic.